Tribute to the All Time Singer; Afrika’s Mama Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba Tribute

Blessed day in 1932 and when the time came she; Broke the silence in the darkest of times, people’s minds mesmerized by the bravery in her eyes. As she sweetly sang the blues, she did the wise communicating truth, speaking of our painful lives; Injustices, Labour law fallacies; deceased tongue spoke foul truth of broken promises, sweet were kisses as melody releases the pain and strife of beings with life…Warrior each time!

Khethi LIVE in Concert

Khethi Soweto Theatre Flyer

Soweto Theatre is happy to present Khethi & her AfroTwist live in concert.

Showcasing work from her new sophomore album #WozaMoya [2014] and your favourites from the debut album Exemplify [2010]. Khethi is a dynamic AfroSoulJazz vocalist and lyricist. She will be performing with her band the AfroTwist: Lerato Lichaba [Guitar], Vincent Ngubane [piano], Mtho [Bass], Lebohang Motaung [Percussions] and Levos [Drums].

She promises a few surprises with a guest appearance and more.

Tickets are available at Soweto Theatre. Address: cnr. Bolani Rd and Bolani Link, Jabulani, Soweto.

We hope to see you there


Ngithandiwe – A tribute to Africa’s Music Couple


Recently we celebrated Valentines day…when we look in the entertainment industry on the continent…the couple that has demonstrated values of love and family the way we dream, they are a special couple who survived being away in exile…their love shone through and it beams as a pillar of hope that love does indeed exist.

Hip Hop MCee Bakdraft and I have gotten together in collaboration to pay tribute to this dynamic couple Nthate Caiphus Semenya and Mama Letta Mbulu…at the same time we pose a challenge to young people in love and in long term relationships to honour their love and families.


It’s All Jazz

Toni Morrison

Literary Giant Toni Morrison turns 83 today

Toni Morrison is a multi-award winning literary giant; a novelist, editor, and professor. Her novels are known for their epic themes, vivid dialogue, and richly detailed characters. Among her best known novels are The Bluest EyeSong of Solomon and Beloved. Morrison has won nearly every book prize possible. She has also been awarded honorary degrees. The book that resonates with me is Jazz. This passionate, profound story of love and obsession brings us back and forth in time, as a narrative is assembled from the emotions, hopes, fears, and deep realities of black urban life. Like the music of its title, it is a dazzlingly lyric play on elemental themes, as soaring and daring as a Charlie Parker solo, as heartbreakingly powerful as the blues. It is Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison at her best.

Happiness and good health to you Mama Toni Morrison…

“A tribute to jazz in its purest of form, whether in Sophiatown with the jive, whether in New Orleans big bands, supper club, Copenhagen, London streets it’s all jazz”

Vukani MaAfrika

Between May 2003 and November 2004 a collective of young creatives from African countries worked on the Exemplify project. Their anthem Vukani is the signiture tune of their shared vision. Vukani is the horn inspired call for the youth of Africa looking to the future. Together this collective collaborated with the world representing their generations voice… Africa alive in the diaspora itching to break through their colours black through white light…this sparked a spectrum of light…they were spinning rainbows…rays present in Nkosazana Zuma’s letter dated  Jan 2063

Bantu bakithi lento ilula                                                                             My people this is basic

Amaqhawe akithi a leth’ukuthula                                                           Our nations heroes have brought us peace

Zwanini mangithi yekela ubuwula                                                          Hear me when I say leave behind the dubious

Nansi indlela landela khon’uzokhula                                                     Here is the way, follow suit so that you may grow

Vukani MaAfrika!                                                                                           Rise African

Bonani amathuba, awami nawe                                                               See the opportunities that are yours and mine

Nqobani, nithuthuke!                                                                                   Conquer, be prosperous

Nijabule ngoba lenjabulo, eyami nawe                                                 Be joyous because this happiness is yours and mine

A vision realized:

United Afrika move and work towards actualizing the vision of a Confederation of African States…this then becomes our reality:

Date: 24 January 2063
Subject: African Unity

My dear friend Kwame,

Greetings to the family and friends, and good health and best wishes for 2063…READ MORE


LOVE_DISCOVER – Khethi & her AfroTwist



Allow yourself to remember how love is when its good…and lets do it right on time, so our Valentine experience this year can be so much more.

The Elevators Creative Concepts & The Lighthouse on 7th are happy to present Khethi& her AfroTwist on their LOVE_DISCOVER mission aptly positioned the night before Valentine’s day…offering an opportunity for us to reflect on love…noting our previous Valentines day, reflecting a state in society; needing to rediscover ourselves in love for its beautiful and balanced side.

Come and enjoy the music.

Entrance R30