International Jazz Day

“A tribute to JAZZ in its purest of forms, whether in Sophiatown with the Jive, whether all the way in New Orleans Big Bands, Supper Club, Copenhagen, London Streets…IT’S ALL JAZZ…” – Khethi
30th April – The world celebrates International Jazz Day…Tune in to this LIVE STREAM


Equality for Women is Progress for All

According to 6 year old Atisa, these are siblings who will to grow big enough for people to sit on them… #AtisaTheVisioary


 Her father confirms it: “oh, yes… Atisa’s avant garde piece of art. it’s still there, strong, defiant against the passing of time and the heavy rainstorms - Raphael d’Abdon

The metaphoric concept in the child’s imagined world speaking volumes…With today’s challenges…these sellotaped stones symbolize an action against the current and insistent violence towards women and children.  The other interpretation is that with the current and insistent violence and abuse…the rock, the resilience, the fight is being harvested in Atisa’s, generation; the young girl of today, the women of tomorrow.

The United Nations has given International Women’s Day the theme “Equality for Women is Progress for All”

Happiness and bright skies to women all over the world – 8 March 2014 International Women’s Day




Tribute to the All Time Singer; Afrika’s Mama Miriam Makeba

Miriam Makeba Tribute

Blessed day in 1932 and when the time came she; Broke the silence in the darkest of times, people’s minds mesmerized by the bravery in her eyes. As she sweetly sang the blues, she did the wise communicating truth, speaking of our painful lives; Injustices, Labour law fallacies; deceased tongue spoke foul truth of broken promises, sweet were kisses as melody releases the pain and strife of beings with life…Warrior each time!